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Stray Kids makes a strong comeback this fall!

Since the release of "5-STAR", this summer has been a real marathon for the group. After setting the stage on fire at the Lollapalooza festival in Paris, Stray Kids embarks on an autumn tour called the Dome Tour, which will take them through South Korea and Japan for a total of 10 dates. All of this is sprinkled with surprises, such as their collaboration with Lil Durk on the single "All My Life," available on Spotify.

Stray Kids

Now, Stray Kids doesn't slow down, as they announce a comeback on November 10 with their new album titled "Rock-Star".

As usual, the promotional campaign leaves no room for boredom. A flurry of videos, prologues, mashups, and teasers not only showcase the group's acting talent but also offer a taste of the upcoming music videos, choreographies, and songs. These are shared across all social media platforms. Not to mention the numerous concept photos, posters, and the tracklist that have been shared to pique the curiosity of the fans.

The enthusiasm of Stays continues to grow as the release of this new album approaches, and it's clear that Stray Kids knows how to keep their fans eager and excited. Stays from all around the world are eagerly anticipating what the group has in store with "Rock-Star".

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