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SUGIZO releases two MVs and announces a special guest for their upcoming concert!

Following the commemorations of its twenty-fifth career anniversary, SUGIZO releases two MVs and announces a new guest for his next live!

Last November, SUGIZO, known for being part of emblematic Japanese groups such as LUNA SEA, X JAPAN or more recently THE LAST ROCKSTARS, performed on the Zepp Haneda stage for a concert entitled "SUGIZO Quarter Centenary Festival 25th ANNIVERSARY GIG" and in which guests such as HEATH (X JAPAN), KenKen (SHAG, RIZE, LIFE IS GROOVE, ComplianS, FAB4) or Taiji Sato (Theatre Brook, ComplianS) have appeared.

To mark history, this concert will be released as a Live Album, entitled "And The Chaos is Killing Me" available from July 5th. And what better than two live clips to promote this new achievement! It is therefore already possible for you to discover the MVs of "DO-FUNK DANCE" and "DELIVER...":

"DO-FUNK DANCE" was released in 2010 as SUGIZO's second digital single, and is one of the musician's must-haves live! "DELIVER..." is an experimental pop track including elements from bossa nova, jazz and even urban music.

Very committed to humanitarian causes, SUGIZO recently announced that the Ukrainian group, KAZKA, will perform at its next concert in Tokyo: the final concert of the "SUGIZO TOUR 2023 "Rest in Peace & Fly Away ~ And The New Chaos is Saving You ~" which will be held on July 10 at Zepp DiverCity. KAZKA is a Ukrainian group known for not having stopped its performances despite the military invasion that has been raging for more than a year.

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