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TAEYANG confirms his collaboration with LISA (BLACKPINK)!

Less than a week after the release of his EP album “Down to Earth”, TAEYANG confirms his collaboration with BLACKPINK's LISA!

A few days ago, we announced the imminent release of TAEYANG's new EP album, "Down to Earth", the latter continues to reveal certain aspects of it. After the release of the teaser for "Seed", an R'n'B ballad highlighting the vocal qualities of the singer, it's the turn of "Shoong!" to create impatience.

Indeed, this track will be in collaboration with LISA, maknae of BLACKPINK. The group is also currently in the United States as headliners of the famous Coachella festival. There is no doubt that this featuring between the two artists will be highly anticipated! The promise of a track mixing R'n'B and hard-hitting rap promises an EP album representing the multiple colors of TAEYANG's personality.

This collaboration is also a positive sign of the still existing complicity between the artists of YG Entertainment and those who left the label, such as TAEYANG. What to hope for a potential comeback of BIGBANG...

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