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The ATEEZ group doesn’t stop!

After a performance on the MCOUNTDOWN stage on October 15, ATEEZ announces its new comeback!

groupe sud coréen ATEEZ

Formed in 2018, ATEEZ has just celebrated its fifth career anniversary! Despite a reputation that is struggling to take off in South Korea, the group is particularly popular internationally, and particularly in France! So much so that, in less than two years, ATEEZ has already made three visits to our capital for two tours and a festival.

ATEEZ's last performance dates back to October 15 during MCOUNTDOWN Paris. No time to breathe as the band announces its next comeback. Scheduled for December 1st, this new album will contain twelve tracks including “Crazy Form” which will be the title song. Entitled "The World EP.FIN: WILL", this opus will once again contain several songs written by the members. Enough to make this release even more anticipated!

Several concept photos are already available on the group's official networks and you can also find the first teaser film on YouTube. Only a few weeks left!

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