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The ATEEZ phenomenon is coming back to the AccorHotel Arena!

One year after a first successful test at the AccorHotel Arena, ATEEZ is returning to the venue for the finale of its European tour!

The multiple strike calls of these days of March 07 and 08, 2023 will not have prevented the Atinys from gathering in numbers to honor, as it should, the final of the ATEEZ European tour!

A true global phenomenon, ATEEZ is one of the groups that brings together the most when traveling abroad. This is not the first time that the eight performers have taken over one of the biggest French venues. Last year, the band's concert was sold-out after three years without a European appearance. To put it simply, in almost four years, the octet has gone from a Bataclan of 1,500 people to a small Parc des Princes!

Enough to arouse everyone's curiosity about the ATEEZ phenomenon!

Present from the beginning of the afternoon, our team had the opportunity to spend a few hours with the fans who braved the cold and the wind. The opportunity to get to know this French community, close-knit and united, far from preconceptions, which hoisted ATEEZ on a stage where artists such as Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown and Robbie Williams performed. For the majority, they know and stan the group since its debut, even its pre-debut. For the others, it is the magnitude of the phenomenon that will have got the better of them and will have made them move. No matter, one and only goal drives them: to make Paris an unforgettable moment for the members of the group and to support the reputation of “best public”!

The demonstration will last almost 2h30! Through 24 songs, ATEEZ seduces and affirms its place among the best groups of the fourth generation of the k-pop universe. From “Guerilla”, one of the newest tracks from “THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT”, which held No. 1 on Billboard's Top World Album for a week upon its release, to songs the oldest such as “From” or even “My Way”, the band will have presented their entire journey. No matter the year the song was released, or its notoriety, the Atinys knew how to be there at all times!

Armed with their lightinys, unfailing energy and above all their best vocal cords, the fans sang and danced without apparent fatigue. A spectacle that may seem confusing for the uninitiated but which is reminiscent of the madness that certain groups unleashed several years ago. This support and inexhaustible energy allowed the eight members to live up to expectations! Beyond the flawless professionalism of the training, the closeness it maintains with its audience makes you smile! Since last year, some have broadened their vocabulary, like SAN who did not hesitate to string together several sentences in exemplary French, or for others, like MINGI, to warm up the audience with a lot of “Wesh”! The French public moreover pleads guilty as to the insertion of this word in the Korean language…

This year, the show will end on time... Unlike last year when, exploding the speaking time, ATEEZ released its audience almost forty minutes late. A delay that many would have liked to (re)live this year as it was so difficult to leave the AccorHotel. When the last songs are announced after the explosive "Guerilla", the dream cracks... Too soon! The encore will, however, live up to expectations, with four songs: “Celebrate”, “Turbulence”, “From” and “The Real (Heung Version)" in closing. A smile on your face and memories full of your head (and phones), the Atinys and ATEEZ are leaving with the certainty of meeting again very soon!


The entire KARAOME team would like to thank ATEEZ, the Atinys and AEG Presents for the invitation.

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