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The first full album from XDINARY HEROES!

After a first world tour which consolidates the global success of XDINARY HEROES, the group announces the release of its first full album!

Groupe sud coréen XDINARY HEROES

After a first concert on French soil almost sold out on November 11 at the Bataclan, XDINARY HEROES announces the upcoming release of its first full album!

Entitled “Troubleshooting”, this opus will be officially released on April 30. It will contain no less than ten new songs including “어리고 부끄럽고 바보 같은”, the title song. This first full album comes less than three years after the official debut of XDINARY HEROES. In a musical environment monopolized by the K-Pop genre, the training allows us to (re)highlight this pop-rock genre that has been somewhat erased in recent years. A revisit of the genre which combines it with certain markers of the K-pop universe, for a resounding success!

Troubleshooting” is already up for pre-order at AsianSoundConcept:

Jaquette comeback XDINARY HEROES

Jaquette comeback XDINARY HEROES

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