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the GazettE announces the release of a live DVD for the month of April!

While in 2022, the GazettE produced its latest best-of, “HETERODOXY”, the quintet announces the release of a new opus.

Groupe japonais the GazettE

We no longer need to introduce you to the legendary Visual Kei group: the GazettE whose career began almost 22 years ago this month of March. The quintet has to its credit no less than sixteen albums and more than twenty singles and maxi singles as well as live DVDs. Its last visit to France dates back to 2019, the group since then focusing on Japanese territory.

While its latest best-of, “HETERODOXY” was released at the end of 2022, the GazettE then went on a tour spanning 2022 and 2023, the finale of which you will be able to discover very soon! Indeed, on April 17, the band's new live DVD will be released. You can watch the final performance which took place on July 15 in the large and famous Nippon Budôkan hall (Tokyo).

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