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The memorable night of WOODZ at Salle Pleyel!

On Tuesday, December 28th, in the heart of Paris near the Arc de Triomphe, WOODZ took the stage at Salle Pleyel, marking a key moment in his European tour. This concert, one of two stops alongside London, drew a crowd from all walks of life.

chanteur sud coréen WOODZ lors de son concert à Paris le 28 novembre 2023

Salle Pleyel, which had already hosted other notable Korean groups in 2023 such as ODD EYE CIRCLE, ONEUS, and SIK-K, proved to be a judicious choice for a solo artist. Excitement was palpable as attendees filled the space from 7 pm, demonstrating tangible enthusiasm from the audience.

chanteur sud coréen WOODZ lors de son concert à Paris le 28 novembre 2023

At exactly 8 pm, WOODZ lit up the stage with a dynamic entrance, kicking off the evening with his most energetic tracks, including "Busted", "HIJACK", and "Love me Harder". An explosive start to the concert with an overall theme of interaction with the fans.

Indeed, throughout the concert, WOODZ took deliberate moments to build intimate connections with the audience, exchanging words in French, singing excerpts of songs requested by the crowd, reading fan signs... A particularly poignant moment occurred when fans, all in unison, sang the famous "polopopo" borrowed from French football accompanied by the musicians. A striking moment of complicity that united the audience and the artist for a memorable experience for everyone.

chanteur sud coréen WOODZ lors de son concert à Paris le 28 novembre 2023

However, these frequent pauses, while offering privileged moments, sometimes interrupted the flow of the concert. WOODZ faced the challenge of maintaining energy throughout the evening. Despite his varied repertoire, oscillating between energetic hits like "Kiss of Fire" and softer tracks like "FEEL LIKE", managing continuity proved to be an apparent challenge. The multiple breaks, intended to create moments of intimacy with fans, sometimes created breaks in the concert's atmosphere, making it harder to pick up the energy after each interruption.

Despite these fluctuations, WOODZ delivered an exceptional performance, with standout moments, impressive vocal demonstrations, and a unique connection with his audience. The layout of Salle Pleyel, promoting closeness, strengthened this bond. In summary, WOODZ left an indelible mark in Paris and hinted at an imminent return, notably in Germany.

chanteur sud coréen WOODZ lors de son concert à Paris le 28 novembre 2023

WOODZ's concert at Salle Pleyel was marked by intense moments of interaction with fans and musical diversity ranging from energetic tracks to softer pieces. However, the challenge of maintaining consistent energy throughout the evening proved complex, with frequent pauses creating breaks in the atmosphere. Despite this, WOODZ delivered a memorable performance, highlighting his musical talent and unique connection with the audience, suggesting a promising return to the stage.


The entire KARAOME team thanks WOODZ and Onion Production for making this article possible.

© Photo Credits: Louise Audry for KARAOME

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