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The MusicBank will take possession of La Defense Arena next April!

More than ten years after its first edition, the famous KBS festival, MusicBank, is coming to Paris on Saturday April 8, 2023!

The announcements never stop raining: 2023 is set to become the year of K-pop in France and in Europe.

After multiple Europe Tours announced, and the holding of the MIK Festival next February, it's the turn of the famous KBS MusicBank to be talked about! After more than ten years without a French scene, the festival has just announced its big comeback. One stage, one evening and no less than seven groups! The line-up is more than enticing since you will be able to applaud the global phenomenon Stray Kids, which was conspicuous by its absence in Europe, but also ENHYPEN, AB6IX, THE BOYZ, IVE or even NMIXX. MAMAMOO will also be there, knowing that a world tour has been announced recently...

The MusicBank will be held in the largest European hall, La Paris Défense Arena, whose total capacity can reach 40,000 people. By way of comparison, the Parc de Princes has a total capacity of around 45,000 people. We're counting on you to fill the equivalent of a football stadium!

At the moment, there is no information on tickets, their prices and when they go on sale. However, there is already mention of VIP packs! So who will be there?

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