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The return of Dir En Grey after four years!

Four years after its last European visit, the Japanese group Dir En Grey will return to the Old Continent for nine concerts in the first quarter of 2024!

groupe japonais Dir En Grey

Dir En Grey's last appearance on a European stage dates back to February 2020, a few weeks before the start of the coronavirus crisis. Since then, the band has waited before returning, first of all, in April 2021, with the single “Oboro”, which was followed, the following summer, by the album “PHALARIS”, the eleventh in the line!

As Dir En Grey celebrated its twenty-fifth career anniversary last year, the group is heading back to attack the European stages for an upcoming tour! This will be entitled "EUROPE TOUR24 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________ [mode of Withering to death. & UROBOROS]" and will consist of nine dates. These concerts, with the exception of the one in Oberhausen (Germany) will be double dates!

Dir En Grey will perform twice on the stages of the Bataclan (Paris), on March 22 and 23! As indicated in the name of the tour, each date will have a specific theme: the first, "Withering to Death", and the second "UROBOROS". These two names respectively echo the fifth and seventh albums of the group. It is also from the album "Withering to Death" that the song, "The Final", comes from, essential to Dir En Grey concerts.

Tickets have been on sale since October 10 either on the Bataclan website or on Ticket Master. Count around €56.50 without taxes. Don't delay, there won't be something for everyone.

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