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The return of HIGHLIGHT!

A year after the release of the mini-album “AFTER SUNSET”, HIGHLIGHT returns with a new opus entitled “SWITCH ON”!

groupe sud coréen HIGHLIGHT

After 14 years of existence, the BEAST group changed its identity in 2016 after the end of its contract. Becoming HIGHLIGHT, the group continued its career by leaving CUBE ENTERTAINMENT to create its own label: Around US Entertainment.

On November 7, 2022, the mini-album “AFTER SUNSET” was released and it was a little over a year later that HIGHLIGHT offered its fans a new comeback. Indeed, it was on February 25 that the group announced on its social networks that a new mini-album would be released on March 11.

Showering its fans with photo teasers, HIGHLIGHT unveils four different visuals on Instagram. Switching between a dark and mysterious atmosphere and a lighter and more colorful atmosphere, the group gives its fans the possibility of imagining what the content of its next opus, entitled "SWITCH ON", will look like.

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