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The return of Nana Mizuki after a year and a half!

While her last physical release dates back to July 2022, with the album “DELIGHTED RIVER”, singer Nana Mizuki returns in the first quarter of 2024 with a new single!

Chanteuse japonaise Nana Mizuki

Despite a rather calm year 2023 from a musical point of view with exclusively two digital releases, "Sugar Doughnuts" on October 10 and "Turn the World", on December 24, the singer and seiyü Nana Mizuki returns to the front of the music scene, to the delight of her fans.

Indeed, Nana Mizuki will release her next single, “ADRENALIZED”, on April 24. In addition to the eponymous track, this opus will contain two other pieces. Furthermore, “ADRENALIZED” was chosen as the soundtrack for the new anime “HIGHSPEED ETOILE”, which will be broadcast from April. Nana Mizuki, in addition to performing the theme song, will also be the seiyü of the character Alice Summerwood.

Note, finally, that it is Nana Mizuki herself who wrote the lyrics of this new piece. For the composition, she was accompanied by Mitsumasu Hajime, with whom she has already worked in the past, notably in 2019 on the title “METANOIA”.

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