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The return of ONF after more than a year and a half!

After more than a year and a half of hiatus due to the enlistment of members for military service, ONF returns with a new opus!

groupe sud coréen ONF

In December 2021, while ONF was in full promotion of its sixth mini-album, "Goosebumps", the group announced the enlistment in military service of all of its members. A surprising choice which can be explained by a desire to move ONF forward together, despite a period of more than a year and a half of break. It was last June that the six musicians returned to civilian life, thus being able to return to the studios.

It only took ONF three months to prepare for its comeback! On October 4, this Wednesday, "Love Effect", the group's seventh mini-album, will be released. With an autumnal scent, this opus will be composed of six tracks, all of which capture part of ONF's identity. “Be Here Now” aims to be a refreshing ballad when “Arrival” becomes monochrome with a powerful rapline.

Enough to affirm the expected return of ONF and its desire to move forward after these eighteen months of hiatus!

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