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The triumph of (G)I-DLE at the Zénith de Paris!

Five years after their debut, the (G)I-DLE group made their debut in France on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. It was at the Zénith de Paris (sold out) that nearly 7,000 fans of the group, also known as the NEVERLANDS, gathered. The five members: Soyeon, Yuqi, Minnie, Miyeon, and Shuhua set the stage ablaze, accompanied by the enthusiasm of the fans, marking their first foray into France and Europe.

Groupe sud coréen (G)I-DLE au Zénith de Paris
(c) KARAOME - Louise Audry

The (almost) conclusion of an unforgettable World-Tour

(G)I-DLE embarked on their "I AM FREE-TY" world tour in Asia in mid-June before taking it to North America and then Europe for six dates. French K-pop enthusiasts quickly snapped up all the standing and seated tickets for the Zénith de Paris, establishing it as THE must-visit concert venue in Paris for Asian artists, as evidenced by recent performances by Jackson Wang, Dreamcatcher, NCT DREAM, LOONA, and others. It was a calculated choice for (G)I-DLE, who managed to sell out the venue quickly (even though a few tickets were released by the ticketing agency a few days before the concert).

The concert before the concert

Even before entering the venue, the excitement was palpable. Despite it being a mid-week night after the back-to-school period, hundreds of fans were already present before the doors opened, with some already queuing to get as close as possible to their favorite group. Others participated in the Random Play Dance organized by the French fanbase of (G)I-DLE to warm up for an emotionally charged evening.

This excitement then transferred to the Zénith de Paris as doors opened at 6:30 PM. Applause, chants, and the famous "polopopo" borrowed from French football echoed in the hall until (G)I-DLE took the stage at 8:10 PM, a few minutes behind schedule.

Groupe sud coréen (G)I-DLE au Zénith de Paris
(c) KARAOME - Louise Audry

A tour with a festival theme

The concert began with energetic songs like "DUMDi DUMDi", "LATATA", "$$$", and "Never stop me", followed by a confetti shower, the only one of the night. Afterward, there was a brief pause during which the five members introduced themselves to their French audience, showcasing their fluency in English and allowing for seamless communication with fans without the interruption of a translator. The songs "Allergy" and "Uh-Oh" followed before another discussion break after only two songs, which somewhat disrupted the flow of the show. The group introduced their 2023 hit, "Queencard", and credited the songwriting talents of the group's leader, Soyeon, in a slightly lengthy speech. However, the catchy lyrics of the song and its viral choreography quickly got fans back into the groove, closing the colorful first segment of the concert.

Then, a VCR introduced the concept of the tour, named "I am FREE-TY," which adopted a summer festival theme. The video during the interlude featured each member in a festive and refreshing setting but lacked interactivity. Keywords were summer, festival, fun, and cuteness, providing a cheerful start to the September concert. However, this early part of the concert seemed somewhat fragmented with three different breaks for only seven songs.

Groupe sud coréen (G)I-DLE au Zénith de Paris
(c) KARAOME - Louise Audry
Each member takes the spotlight

While group members often struggle to shine individually, (G)I-DLE celebrated each member in the second part of the concert.

Miyeon kicked things off with her solo "DRIVE" and transformed into an elegant princess, delivering a superb vocal performance alongside her backup dancers. Minnie followed with a cover of "DHALIA" showcasing her piano-playing talents in a passionate setting adorned with flowers. Soyeon then took the stage with her song "PSYCHO" adopting a rock and rebellious style, a stark contrast to the previous concepts of Miyeon and Minnie. Shuhua, on the other hand, danced to Britney Spears' 2001 hit "BOYS" with a sexy choreography, embodying a strong woman. Finally, Yuqi sang "COULD IT BE" accompanied by her guitar and a light choreography, a track that hadn't been officially released yet.

A natural connection with the audience

(G)I-DLE maintained constant interaction with their audience throughout the concert. They encouraged fans to sing along during their solo performances, even displaying the lyrics on screens to facilitate sharing. Their ease with the English language was particularly appreciated in these moments, and the members took their time (perhaps a bit too much) to communicate their thoughts. It was notable that Yuqi, Miyeon, and Minnie made the effort to speak a few sentences in French, a challenging exercise rarely attempted by many foreign artists.

During one of the video interludes, it was the NEVERLANDS who had the opportunity to showcase their dancing talent with a tutorial video of the iconic dance moves from (G)I-DLE's songs.

Groupe sud coréen (G)I-DLE au Zénith de Paris
(c) KARAOME - Louise Audry

After an hour of show...

The concert resumed with the full group and energetic songs like "All Night", "The Baddest", "POP/STAR", "MY BAG", "TOMBOY" followed by "I'm the TREND" and "Oh my god". The energy was at its peak, and the rock sound of the earlier songs reinvigorated the crowd after the varied solo performances.

(G)I-DLE closed the show with "I DO" a somewhat surprising choice that left the end of the concert feeling a bit flat, even though the audience didn't hold back their applause and cheers.

Groupe sud coréen (G)I-DLE au Zénith de Paris
(c) KARAOME - Louise Audry

An energetic and memorable concert

This first (G)I-DLE concert in France was a triumph. The solo performances by the members, constant interaction with the fans, the diverse setlist, and the enthusiasm of the audience left an indelible impression. (G)I-DLE captured the hearts of French fans who hope to see them more often during their European visits.


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The entire KARAOME team would like to thank AEG France, CUBE Entertainment and (G)I-DLE for making this live report possible.

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