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TRENDZ announces a new opus while a world-tour could be specified!

Five months after the release of "NEW DAYZ", TRENDZ confirms its meteoric rise with a new opus while rumors of world-tour swell!

groupe sud coréen TRENDZ

A few months ago, we announced the release of "NEW DAYZ", TRENDZ's second single album, and anticipated its success with the forecast of an MV that exceeds 10 million views. It's now done: the MV of "NEW DAYZ" has crossed this symbolic bar, joining "VAGABOND", and raising TRENDZ as the new musical trend of this year 2023.

On the strength of this success, the group returns at the beginning of September with a new achievement: their third single album which will be released on September 6th. Entitled "STILL ON MY WAY", it confirms that TRENDZ will continue to stay on course, objective in mind, and make its place in the sun. While waiting for the official release of this opus, the band will release its preview on August 22, followed by a medley of all the tracks on the 30th, ending with the MV teaser on September 4.

Moreover, in addition to this release, TRENDZ will remain in everyone's minds! Indeed, for a few days rumors of world-tour have been swelling. Nothing has yet been confirmed by the band itself, but according to Global H Media, TRENDZ will be heading to Asia starting this fall, before heading to America, then Europe - with a Parisian date - and even Africa! It only remains to wait for the formalization of these rumors!

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