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TRENDZ closes the saga of "BLUE SET" with a second single album!

TRENDZ has just released a fourth opus, its second single album, thus concluding the series of "BLUE SET" and opening the way to a new chapter!

On January 5, 2022, the group TRENDZ debuted with the production of a first mini-album, "BLUE SET Chapter 1 TRACKS" accompanied by the title song, "TNT (Thrust&Thrust)". Explosive like its title, the track is intended to be current, mixing hip hop sounds, a real presence of controlled rap lines, with a precise choreography on an electro pop atmosphere. Now counting more than 1.7 million views, it is a perfect introduction to the TRENDZ phenomenon.

After the successive successes of "BLUE SET Chapter 2 CHOICES", the group's second mini-album carried by "WHO", and "BLUE SET Chapter UNKNOWN CØDE", its first single album with the powerful "VAGABOND", TRENDZ asserts itself exceeding the 10 million views on his latest MV. With this rise in power, the ambitious group with a name defining a trend, a long-lasting movement, stands out from the other groups last born in 2022. The universe is dark, the three rappers put forward with a majority of lines , all mixed with visuals bordering on perfection.

At the end of the first quarter of 2023, TRENDZ has just released its second single album, "BLUE SET Chapter NEW DAYZ" ending the series started fifteen months ago. This March 14, the MV of “NEW DAYZ” was released, which already exceeds 7.3 million views and which will undoubtedly exceed the symbolic bar of 10 million held by “VAGABOND”. It goes without saying that TRENDZ wants to be the new trend and THE young group to follow over the next few months!

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