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TRENDZ confirms its desire to export with a first foreign tour!

Confirming the rumors that appeared at the start of the 2023 school year, the TRENDZ group has just announced its first world tour with twelve dates spread between Europe and Morocco.

groupe sud coréen TRENDZ

We told you about it last August, shortly before the release of its third mini-album, "STILL ON MY WAY": the group TRENDZ took an interested look at the world, considering exporting through a first world tour .

It's official today: TRENDZ will fly to Europe and Morocco during the month of March for twelve concerts. This tour will begin in Marrakech (Morocco) on March 7 and will end on the 24th of the same month in Dublin (Ireland). In the meantime, stopovers in several countries including France with two evenings! The first will be held on March 13, in Lyon, in the La Rayonne room. The second, for its part, will be in the capital, on Saturday March 16, in the intimate Alhambra. Tickets are already on sale! Count on €120 for a VIP seat, €75 for a premium and €45 for general entry.

The concert is organized by EnvolProduction, particularly active in recent months having organized the appearances of VAV, PIXY or more recently MCND!

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