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TRENDZ makes a wish for 2024!

TRENDZ announces its return with a special winter single to celebrate its 2nd anniversary.

Groupe sud coréen TRENDZ comeback "Go Up"

The group TRENDZ, consisting of seven members and affiliated with Global H Media agency, has captivated fans since its debut in January 2023. Now, with the approach of its 2nd anniversary, the announcement of a comeback for this month is stirring emotions among dedicated fans.

The comeback is planned with a special winter single, a tradition that many Korean groups adopt to share a warm atmosphere with their fans during the cold season. The single, titled "Go Up", will be unveiled on January 11, 2024.

The title "Go Up" can be interpreted as a new resolution for the year 2024, symbolizing an aspiration to move forward and reach new heights. Fans eagerly anticipate discovering how TRENDZ will express this comeback, as it hints at exploring a new genre for the group.

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