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TRI.BE launches and announces its first European tour!

As it celebrates its third career anniversary, the group TRI.BE announces its first European tour!

groupe sud coréen TRI.BE

Obviously, it was on February 17 that TRI.BE released its fourth single, “DIAMOND”, three years after its official debut. Indeed, it was with the single “ Da Loca” that the group launched an attack on the music charts, on February 20, 2021!

In the meantime, the group has managed to establish itself in the South Korean musical landscape. Despite a change to six members instead of seven due to Jinha's departure last July, TRI.BE was able to develop its image and conquer the hearts of fans. While “ Da Loca” currently has around 650,000 views on YouTube, “DIAMOND” has exceeded 5.7 million views in one week! The proof of a blatant success which pushes TRI.BE has announced its first European tour!

Entitled “TRI.BE [TRUE DIAMOND TOUR] IN EUROPE 2024”, this tour will include no less than six performances. It will begin on June 1 in Madrid (Spain) and end on June 9 in Paris, in the La Bellevilloise room. Three German concerts and one Italian are also planned. Note the absence of London representation. Information relating to ticket sales will be shared very quickly by Jin Entertainment, organizer of the tour.

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