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tripleS is already back, three months after its last release!

Three months after its last comeback, tripleS returns on May 8 with a new opus!

Groupe sud coréen tripleS

With an official debut in 2022, the group is celebrating two years of activity this year. tripleS then consists of twenty-four members: Kim YooYeon, Mayu, Xinyu, Kim NaKyoung, Park SoHyun, Seo DaHyun, Nien, Yoon SeoYeon, JiYeon, Kotone, Kim ChaeYeon, Gong YuBin, Lee JiWoo, Kaede, Park ShiOn, Sullin, Lynn, Jeong HyeRin, Kim ChaeWon, Jeong HaYeon, Kim SooMin, Kwak YeonJi, JooBin and SeoAh. In addition to the group activity, the training is also divided into eight sub-units. After its last comeback on February 2, tripleS announces on its social networks a new release for this first half of 2024 which promises to be interesting.

Indeed, the group revealed teaser images of its next comeback on social networks, leaving some clues to its fans concerning the artistic direction of this next EP. Although this is not his first release, “ASSEMBLE” will however be his first full-length album! tripleS having only released with its sub-unit. This is therefore a real surprise offered to the WAV (name of the fanbase). They only have a few more weeks to wait before discovering these first tracks at twenty-four!

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