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Two years after the release of "Mirror", SCANDAL returns with a new album!

Announced for the arrival of spring, SCANDAL's next album will be released on March 20!

groupe japonais SCANDAL

Since 2006, the Japanese quartet SCANDAL has continued to assert its place as an essential group in the Japanese musical landscape. At the dawn of its eighteenth career anniversary, the band announces the release of its eleventh studio album!

Entitled "LUMINOUS", it will be officially released on a significant date, that of spring, i.e. March 20! Two years after "Mirror", SCANDAL returns with this new opus which will contain no less than eleven songs including seven unreleased songs. 2023 releases such as “Line of Sight” and “CANDY” will be there. Just like the title “ファンファーレ” (Fanfare) which will be used for the new anime, “HIGHSPEED Etoile” broadcast from April 5.

Also note that, as usual, SCANDAL will go on a promotional tour from April 2. Comprising no less than twenty concerts, this national journey should end on May 25. However, this might not mark the end of the tour itself since the word "Overseas", meaning foreigner, is found after the date of May 25... 2024 may mark SCANDAL's return to Europe! To be continued!

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