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TXT announces its comeback, planned for this fall!

After its collaboration with the Jonas Brother group, TXT returns with a new opus!

TXT groupe sud coréen

While TXT made its debut in 2019, the group was able to win the hearts of fans from the first moment. With very rock sounds like on the title "Good Boy Gone Bad", the quintet couldn't miss the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most famous American pop/rock groups, Jonas Brothers. The track “Do It Like That” was released on July 7, which already has more than 38 million views on YouTube.

Summer is almost over and TXT is already preparing for fall. Indeed, the five young men will return with a new opus, scheduled for October 21. TXT is one of the groups that works with chapters during their comebacks as if to announce the next episode. And this one will be called “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL”.

In the meantime, TXT will be in London on September 22 for the new edition of KPop Lux!

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