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UKISS is back on stage!

While Soohyun has just released his new digital single “계절”, the UKISS group announces its comeback!

While the group is only made up of three members, it was Soohyun who made his solo comeback on May 29. After the event, the three remaining men of UKISS announced their 15th anniversary celebration and a nice surprise for longtime fans.

Indeed, it is currently two concert dates that are announced in Japan. The first will take place at ZEPP HANEDA in Tokyo on July 28 and the second at ZEPP NAMBA in Osaka on the 30th of the same month. But that's only part of the surprise since it's not at three that UKISS comes back but at six! And on the occasion of this reconstitution, a new mini-album is planned: "PLAY LIST" which will be released on June 28th and will be promoted during Japanese performances!

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