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Utada Hikaru is preparing her next single ahead of an album!

Six months after the release of her last digital single, "Gold - Mata Au Hi Mada", Utada Hikaru returns at the start of the year with a new achievement!

Chanteuse japonaise Utada Hikaru

Utada Hikaru has just confirmed the upcoming release of a new single! Entitled “Naniirodemonai Hana”, it will be available from February 12. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that this new song will be present on the singer's next album. Bearing the name "_SCIENCE FICTION_", this opus should be released later this year.

To wait, “Naniirodemonai Hana” will bring a touch of sweetness in this cold winter. Described as a winter ballad at a moderate tempo in which Utada Hikaru's voice blends harmoniously with the piano, it is also the soundtrack of a new Japanese series: "The Gift of Your Heart (Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureka kara)". The singer also commented on this release, explaining that "It's been a long time since I wrote such a candid love song, I hope it reaches anyone who feels afraid to believe in something!".

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