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Utada Hikaru unveils her new single!

A month ago, Utada Hikaru announced her next single scheduled for February 12, ahead of her next album "_SCIENCE FICTION_"!

Chanteuse japonaise Utada Hikaru

As announced in our article on January 12, Utada Hikaru has just released her new digital single: “Naniirodemonai” (A Flowers Of No Color). You can also find it on Fuji TV since this title serves as the soundtrack to the new series, "The Gift Of Your Heart".

The MV, filmed in Okkaido during the month of January, reveals the singer in a snowy landscape, alone in the middle of what appears to be a frozen pond. For more than four minutes, strength and fragility confront each other to the rhythm of this ballad which promotes self-confidence... "If you can't believe in yourself, then you won't be able to believe in anyone... So instead of doubting of you, believe in yourself"! A powerful message that finds its place perfectly in the visuals. For the production of the latter, Utada Hikaru surrounded herself with Tomokazu Yamada, MV, and Takey, photography, with whom she had already worked on her latest single, "Gold - Mata Au Hi Made", released this summer .

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