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V(BTS) is making his solo debut on September 8!

V (BTS)'s first solo album, titled "Layover", will be released on September 8.

On July 14, Jungkook unveiled his solo single "Seven", becoming the 6th member of BTS to start a solo career. In the logical continuation, a few days ago, BigHit Music revealed that V had collaborated with Min Hee-Jin, CEO and executive producer of the label Ador (NewJeans) on his solo project. What arouse much impatience as to the beginnings of V!

It's now done: BigHit has just announced the release of V's first solo album entitled "Layover". It includes six songs including a piano version of one of the titles: “Rainy Days”, “Blue”, “Love me again”, “Slow dancing”, “For us”, “Slow dancing” (piano version). Several styles of music will be represented including light R&B but also romantic soul from the 70s. In addition, the five main titles will each have an MV!

Also note that Yeontan, V's dog, is the major element of this first album. He is present in the promotional photos. The release date of this album, September 7, corresponds to the birthday of the little dog.

V's album, "Layover", will be available on September 8 at 6 a.m. (French time). You can already pre-order it on Weverse.

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