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VIXX proves its determination with a new mini-album!

Despite the multiple departures and scandals that have plagued the group, the remaining members of VIXX prove their desire to move forward by announcing a new mini-album!

groupe sud coréen VIXX

Present on the South Korean music scene for more than ten years now, the group VIXX continues to advance and develop its career, despite various obstacles. Initially composed of six members, the formation is today a trio composed of LEO, KEN and HYUK. The three members have been present since the beginning and have seen Hongbin, N and finally Ravi successively leave the adventure. These departures, more or less publicized for some, do not however taint the musicians' desire to continue and move forward!

Indeed, VIXX will release its fifth mini-album, “CONTINUUM”, on November 21. This opus, with an evocative title, will contain five new tracks, including the title track, “Amnesia”. In a medley published a few days ago, it is possible to discover the colors specific to each of the pieces. The general atmosphere is intended to be cozy, mixing electro notes with a soft R'n'B atmosphere. The trailer, for its part, gives a glimpse of the members in future universes, emphasizing, once again, the desire to move forward!

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