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W24 returns to Europe at the beginning of 2024!

After three first English dates this summer, the W24 group is planning no fewer than seven concerts in Europe for the start of 2024!

groupe sud coréen W24

Since its debut in 2018, the rock group W24 has regularly flown to perform abroad, like its performance in Chile at the end of 2018, a few months after its first single, "Singing Dancing". Since then, the group has evolved, losing its bassist, Park Ji-Won, in 2020. But the quartet moves forward, determined to share its catchy and refreshing rock melodies.

After a successful test this summer with three concerts on English soil, W24 announces its European return for the start of 2024. On the program, no less than seven concerts including one in France in Paris, on January 21. At the moment there is no information on the venue or tickets.

On the planning side, W24 is not idle since the trio - in fact, its pianist Aaron is doing his military service - has just released a new track with an evocative title, "Voyager", which is already close to a million streams on YouTube! A remarkable performance boosted by the band's tour announcements. The latter will also soon fly to Latin America where she will give four concerts: the first in Mexico City on September 28, and the last in Guatemala City on October 12.

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