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Weeekly announces the release of a mini album!

After the release of "Good Day", a little over a month ago, Weeekly returns with a new opus!

groupe féminin sud coréen Weeekly

Weeekly, girl's band formed during the year 2020 is originally composed of seven members. Seven members for the seven days of the week as well as for the seven planets corresponding to each of the members. In June 2022, Shin Jiyoon leaves the training for health reasons, and Weeekly will then continue its activities as a six-member team.

Last September, the digital single ,“Good Day”, was released! A teen pop culture sound to celebrate the start of the school year. A few weeks later, Weeekly announces a new comeback!

This new opus, entitled “Colorise”, is scheduled for November 1st. It will thus be the fifth mini-album of the group. An online promotional showcase will be given the same day on the 1theK YouTube channel!

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