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WENDY (RedVelvet) returns with her second mini-album!

Driven by the success of "Chill Kill", RedVelvet's third full album, WENDY announces the release of her second solo mini-album!

WENDY membre du groupe RedVelvet

A few days after celebrating her thirtieth birthday, singer WENDY, member of the group RedVelvet, formalizes the upcoming release of her second mini-album!

Less than three years after the production of “Like Water”, WENDY returns with “Wish You Hell”, which will be officially distributed from March 12. In this new opus, six songs including the eponymous track. A pop rock piece, with a rhythm dictated by the guitar, in which the paradox between the vehement title and the soft visuals of a sweater washing label, takes on its full meaning.

With the end of February, the promotional schedule for this opus suggests that there are less than ten days to wait before the MV Teaser is shared.


This album is available for pre-order from Asian Sound Concept:

Jaquette Wish You Hell de WENDY

Price : 24,90€ VAT included

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