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When BLACKPINK heats up Barcelona!

A few days before its double performance in Paris, BLACKPINK took over the stage at the Olympic complex Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona! Having managed to sneak among the 17,000 people present, a member of our team tells you about her crazy evening!

On Monday 5th of December, BLACKPINK was performing their concert "Born Pink" in Barcelona, at the Palau Sant Jordi, the complex Olympic. I could not miss it as Kpop groups do not come this often to Europe! So armed with my lightstick, I went to the concert and I will bring you with me so you can have a feel of how it was!

The concert itself was supposed to begin at 8pm and the doors opened à 6pm. As I have an assigned seat, I did not feel the need to be there too early, and decided to just go an hour in advance.

The first thing I saw when getting to the close of the entrance was: the queue. So many people! How can all those people enter in less than an hour? Me and my friend begin to walk toward the end of the queue. We walked so much, more than half an hour. We were so desperate, thinking we would miss the concert. But somehow we ended up behind the complex where other doors were accessible. So we could enter, and without queuing. It was confusing, but it had a happy ending.

Once I was seated, I was immediately surprised by how excited the crowd was. As often in concert, while waiting, they put some BlackPink clip on the screen, but the crowd was singing along! And it was super loud! It put you immediately in a mood, and I already knew the concert would be dope!

The concert began soon enough and, indeed, it was incredibles! I was afraid because I saw a lot of youtube videos where they diss this tour, saying that the girls were not in sync, did not make any effort for choreography and all. But NOPE! It was amazing! They sang pretty much all their new album, BornPink as intended but also older songs like "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" , "Kill this Love" and what not!

The show was amazing! Even the back-dancer gave us a little show, I don’t have words to describe how amazed I was! The girls also performed their solos and the performance and it was on point!

They obviously talk to us and I was wondering if they would have a translator. But they did not, they spoke in english (which was a relief for me because my castellano is very rusty) but also learn few stuff in castellano, which I think is a very cute touch.

After an hour and half, they announced that only 2 songs were left. And after performing those two songs, they say their goodbye. And that was the end of the concert. Or so I thought. The lights were still off. So the crowd kept calling BLACKPINK for an <Encore> or <Otra> in Castellano. We’ve even made a wave with the lightstick.

And after a few minutes, they came back, to sing 4 more songs!

And guess what? They ask us which one we would like to wear. And we ask for "Bombayah!" ! At first I thought it was “fake” like, how would they hear us ? But the musician needs a few seconds to tune their instruments. I guess it was not planned afterall! In any case, I was surprised and thrilled about this moment!

To conclude, it was an incredible experience, I was thrilled from beginning to the end. The performances left me speechless more than once. The 3 big screens were really cool to enjoy all choregraphies. The lightwork was again on point, we had fire, confetti and all sorts of extras! Everything was well put together and I had a great time!


Redaction : Laura Gbt

Pictures : Laura Gbt for KARAOME - YG Entertainment

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