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With two sold-out evenings, ERIC NAM continues its rise!

For his third European tour in five years, singer ERIC NAM kicked it big by offering his French fans two unforgettable evenings which took place in front of a sold-out crowd at the legendary Bataclan!

Eric Nam au Bataclan 15 mars 2024

With each of his appearances, the size of his audience increases! While he presented himself, for the first time in June 2019, at Trabendo, a venue with a maximum capacity of 900 people, it is in a packed Bataclan that ERIC NAM finds his audience again after a year and a half . In the meantime, the multi-faceted artist has produced his latest album, “HOUSE ON A HILL”. This opus is indeed the main subject of this new European tour, as evidenced by the decor on the front of the house which is proudly installed after a first part of a beautiful half hour.

Hosted by Canadian singer Alex Porat, this first part allows the audience to quickly forget the gloomy weather of March 15. A few days before the arrival of spring, the 1,500 people present really needed a little sun and warmth. Through a few songs, the young woman seduced her first Parisian audience. Some already knew her and were keen to applaud her and show her unwavering support. Mixing contemporary pop with supercharged energy, Alex Porat's universe has the effect of a ray of sunshine in the middle of gray clouds.

Eric Nam au Bataclan 15 mars 2024

After a few minutes of break during which the stage prepares to welcome this famous facade, the atmosphere subsides and a soft musical introduction is heard. After a few moments, the drummer and the guitarist who will accompany ERIC NAM this evening make their appearance, greeted by the audience. Then, while the notes turn into an electro pop mix, revealing the title “Sink or Swim”, the singer walks through the door, introducing himself, finally, to his fans! The latter waste no time, giving voice and accompanying ERIC NAM while two dancers make their appearances. The transition occurs naturally with “Undefined”, characterized by this electro pop rock universe, which is reminiscent of certain North American or English sounds. A choice assumed by the artist given his origins but also his wish to stand out from the k-pop universe. Even though it's only been a few minutes since the concert started, it's important to highlight the performance of the light show! The effects highlight both the staging and the performance itself. A visually comforting feat which proves that ERIC NAM blithely draws on his Western influences.


A first speech during which the artist greets his audience and the concert continues with a journey into the past. A look back at the years 2019 and 2020 with three tracks from the albums “The Other Side” and “Before We Begin”: “Any Other Way”, “You’re Sexy I’m Sexy” and “Wildfire”. While the first allows the guitarist to let loose for a solo, the other two pieces are more lascivious and sensual. The play of light turns to red hues, a symbol of seduction. New speech for ERIC NAM, the second in less than half an hour! A little touch of humor for the accompanying people for whom, he hopes, the show is not too restrictive. Return to the present with the song “HOUSE ON A HILL”, the eponymous title of the singer’s latest album, complemented by “Exist”. While the dancers have deserted the stage for a few minutes, ERIC NAM proves that the vocal qualities that made his success more than ten years ago are still relevant today.

Eric Nam au Bataclan 15 mars 2024

Repetitively, a new break is necessary after these two pieces... The third in less than ten tracks. Even if the generosity of the artist and his desire to share as many moments as possible with his audience are touching, the multiplication of these moments divides the energy of the evening. But fans decided to show unwavering support, echoing the lyrics of “Don’t Leave Yet” and “Paradise”. The atmosphere remains lively in a good dancing and energetic atmosphere. Fourth speech before returning to the present with “I Wish I Wasn’t Me” from the album “HOUSE ON A HILL”. ERIC NAM continues to take his audience on a journey through his entire discography, then continuing with “Love Die Young”.


The singer has a habit: celebrating the birthdays of people born on the day of his concerts. Once is not customary, ERIC NAM is taking advantage of a new speech to question the public and highlight some members of the audience winning a year on March 15. Although the moment is joyful and warm, the long minutes that pass lower the present energy. Counterbalancing this loss of speed, the artist continues with the last three titles of this first part of the concert: “Echo”, “Run Away” and “Honestly”. It is amidst cheers that all the musicians leave the stage, only to re-enter it a few moments later for two final performances: “Only for a moment” and “Congratulations”. A festive conclusion for this first Parisian evening which will leave a lasting memory for the entire audience.

Eric Nam au Bataclan 15 mars 2024

Despite a controversial appearance, ERIC NAM's performance for this first date was sold out. A success for the one who multiplies international tours, granting himself the luxury of almost doubling the size of his audiences with each visit. It is, nevertheless, to be regretted that the artist has spoken too many times. Despite a career spanning more than ten years, ERIC NAM only performed sixteen songs, completing his show with minutes of exchanges. A perhaps more complete presentation of his discography could have been a great way to reach a new audience!


The entire KARAOME team would like to thank ERIC NAM, his management and LIVE NATION for allowing this article.

© Photo Credits: Nathan GEY for KARAOME & ERIC NAM

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