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WOODZ set to make waves with a new comeback!

Just a month after his electrifying concert at the Salle Pleyel in Paris, WOODZ is gearing up to create a buzz with a new comeback.

chanteur sud coréen WOODZ

The announcement comes as a delightful surprise for fans still savoring the memories of his ongoing world tour. WOODZ's upcoming digital single, titled "AMNESIA", is set to release on December 18, serving as an early Christmas gift for his devoted fanbase, A few weeks before his departure for the army as part of his military service.

The single features two tracks, "AMNESIA" and "비하인드" (pronounced "bi-ha-in-deu" or simply "behind"). The latter translates to "behind" or something hidden, adding a touch of mystery to the release.

WOODZ strategically builds anticipation for the single by gradually unveiling promotional content to pique the curiosity of fans. This aligns with his ongoing tour, where he appears to offer surprises after each leg of the journey. The promotional journey kicked off with the reveal of thematic concept photos at the beginning of the month, followed by the tracklist and two trailers, one of which is for "AMNESIA".

WOODZ continues to showcase his ability to surprise and captivate fans. For those who had the opportunity to attend his concert, KARAOME encourages you to check out our LIVE REPORT and photo album available on our site. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated release of "AMNESIA" as WOODZ continues to elevate his musical journey.

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