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X Japan releases its first single in eight years!

Despite the multitude of activities of its members, X Japan releases its first single in... eight years!

A true musical monument in Japan, the group X Japan has just released a new single... Eight years after its last release! The delay will surprise only the uninitiated... Indeed, the fans no longer count the years of promise of making a new album. It must be said that each member of the group multiplies the projects and activities. Yoshiki, its drummer and leader, manages both his solo career, a second group, THE LAST ROCKSTARS, activities in textiles... He was also present at Japan Expo at the beginning of July. Difficult, under these conditions, to focus entirely on a complete album.

But X Japan is no longer a group that needs to multiply the achievements. Due to its history, which is reminiscent of that of major American groups, its numerous records and its appearances - it is the first Japanese group to perform on the Coachella stage in 2018 - X Japan is a formation where each output is an event! Like a surprise appearance, this new single, released on July 28, bears the name "Angel". It is only available in digital format on all streaming platforms.

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