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xikers sets up its tricky house on the stages of the Elysée Montmartre for an explosive show!

Like an explosion of flavors, the arrival of xikers in Paris as part of its first European tour will have (re)confirmed its global success!

Groupe sud coréen xikers concert parisien 2024

It is without having yet celebrated his first career anniversary that xikers can already check off the “European tour” line in his to-do list! Eleven months after his official debut, xikers presented himself to his European fans during his first concerts on our old continent. Some dates following a promising American tour for the future of the band! And despite the absence of JUNGHOON, forced to stop its activities since last spring, the nine members were able to seduce a feverish and enthusiastic audience!

A monument of French architecture, the Elysée Montmartre is a jewel among Parisian performance halls! In addition to its Haussmann-style construction, its Eiffel structure immerses artists and spectators in a world annexed to the hustle and bustle of Boulevard Rochechouart. Driven by visual and sound qualities, the room is the perfect place for a culture shock: the meeting between French fans and Korean artists can then begin. Although it is not filled to its maximum (1380 standing places), the room leaves little room for the numerous spectators. Indeed, they came en masse to applaud or discover the world of xikers.

Groupe sud coréen xikers concert parisien 2024

Organized by MyMusicTaste, the concert starts on time with the entire audience warming up, warming up their voices to the soundtrack. As a video starts playing on the screen at the back of the stage, the first screams are heard! The Roadys, the name of xikers fans, are more than ready! The first notes of “Tricky House” resonate, banging against the iron, amplified by the audience’s chants. xikers will not be nine tonight, but ten! The audience, with one voice, takes up the heady chorus and ignites the group. A welcome worthy of certain behemoths in the industry! “Doorbell Ringing” and “Oh My Gosh” follow, completing a first trilogy, this one from xikers’ debut EP, released on March 30, 2023.

In the meantime, a first interaction with the public allows the nine artists to catch their breath and establish their voices. Between energetic choreographies and punchy rap lines, breath control is a key element in a show where vocal assistance is little, if any, present. Because it is important to highlight the artistic performance of xikers. In a universe mixing pop dance, trap and rap sounds, the group chooses to sing without help while performing energetic choreographies. A risk-taking appreciated by fans as well as by the remaining undecided and curious. They were few in number but very present. What if xikers was just a pale copy of his elders? Far from it, the training was able to appropriate the advice given while personalizing it to its world.

Groupe sud coréen xikers concert parisien 2024

Moving forward a few months with “Koong”, from the group’s second EP, before leaving in March 2023 with “Xikey”. The audience continues to support the training with one voice. A perfect knowledge of the lyrics and the world of xikers for unfailing support. Mixing trap and rap, the first piece cuts through and offers a more electronic and lascivious rhythm, carried by omnipresent raplines which encourage people to come together. The second, for its part, mobilizes through a more street universe. Welcome to the xikers house, where each room has its own personality!

After a first break and a change of outfit, the band returns to a cover of Chris Brown, “Iffy”, for a dance demonstration, to the delight of the fans. An introduction to a sequence of complicity with the public which will last more than ten minutes. The opportunity also for xikers to have fun covering covers of his elders, and to make his audience sing along to well-known sounds! “Dynamite” by BTS, “Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK, “HOT” by SEVENTEEN, “QUEENCARD” by (G)I-DLE… Without forgetting the highly anticipated “BOUNCY” by ATEEZ, the first KQ Entertainment group that we no longer present. The sequence will end with a choreographic performance by JUMIN and HUNTER on the song “Die For You” by The Weeknd. A sensual performance, which despite its lascivious rhythm, will make the thermometer explode!

xikers disappears from the stage for a few minutes allowing the audience to regain their senses. The nine artists return, recharged with energy, on the danceable “Skater”, from the group’s second EP. In a style mixing dance pop and street sounds, the title is intended to be an anthem that brings the audience together with lyrics sung in chorus. The end of the evening is fast approaching, but there's no question of moping around! The explosive “DO or DIE” begins! All the lyrics are echoed by the fans while the chorus is chanted with one voice. At the back of the room, those who have the most space multiply their dance steps, taking advantage of a few cm² while those in the front row jump to the rhythm. A contrast driven by the catchy and heady rhythm of the track. An explosion of energy which proves that xikers has the capacity for stage performances much longer than 90 minutes…

The time has come for a first goodbye. The gentle “Sunny Side” begins, bringing a ray of sunshine into the Parisian winter. A sweet promise of return from xikers who, moreover, took advantage of this concert to confirm his next comeback. His third mini-album will be released on March 8th! The impatience to be able to present his new titles to his European audience is palpable! xikers will return! In the meantime, the nine members return backstage while the public asks for more: the encore is almost obligatory to conclude this first meeting.

Wearing the t-shirts created for the tour, the members of xikers return to the stage before starting “HOMEBOY” followed by the energetic “ROCKSTAR”. An explosive conclusion with multiple flavors. The reflection of the universe of xikers. Beyond the goodbyes, it is a promise of return that is made between the group and its fans. The Roadys will very soon be able to meet in ever-increasing numbers in another Parisian monument, surely larger.

What a difficult exercise to appear in front of an unknown audience armed with ten songs and carried by eleven months of experience! The multitude of European performances, ever more spectacular and unique, makes fans more and more uncompromising! The increase in prices also affects the choice and expectations of the public. And yet, xikers was able to meet this major challenge with flying colors! Despite its discography and its experience, the group was able to make its mark, proving that it was already anchored in the South Korean musical landscape and that it was determined to continue its rise... xikers' tricky house will not count not just ten rooms... It will be a castle in which every fan can find their world!

Groupe sud coréen xikers concert parisien 2024

The entire KARAOME team would like to thank xikers, its management as well as MyMusicTaste for making this live report possible.

©Photo credits: Louise Audry for KARAOME

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