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xikers will debut on March 30th!

xikers, the new group from KQ Entertainment, will debut on March 30 with a first mini-album!

After the success of ATEEZ, its first boyband, the South Korean label KQ Entertainment is back with xikers! This time around, the roster will consist of ten members: Yechan, Hunter, Yujun, Jinsik, Seeun, Jung Hoon, Hyun Woo, Sumin, Junami, and Minjae.

xikers will release their first mini-album on March 30. Entitled “HOUSE OF TRICKY: Doorbell Ringing”, it will consist of seven tracks including the title track “도깨비집 (Tricky House)”. Some Maddox and Hong Joong (ATEEZ) also participated in the writing of the lyrics and the composition of the songs.

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