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YENA (ex-member of IZ*ONE) made her comeback on June 27!

YENA returns at the beginning of the summer with a second single entitled "Hate XX".

On January 16, the singer made her return to the front of the stage with her very first single album entitled “Love War”, with a title track of the same name that she performed in duet with BE’O.

It is therefore five months after her last comeback that YENA is making her comeback with a second single album called “Hate XX” which includes three new songs including the main title “Hate Rodrigo” which is featuring YUQI from (G)-Idle .

Thus, the ex-member of IZ*ONE made his comeback on June 27 with the MV of “Hate Rodrigo”.

An MV for the “Wicked Love” bside has been revealed.

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