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A first full-album for IVE!

A little over a year after a breathtaking debut and the release of three opuses, the six members of IVE are preparing their first full-album!

They had created a surprise at the end of 2021 by managing to exceed 100 million views on YouTube in less than three months with their very first MV: the six members of IVE had just made a remarkable debut! Today, three albums later and multiple awards thanks to "Love Dive", their second single released on April 2, 2022, they announce the release of a first full-album!

"I've IVE" will be released on April 10, two days after the band's appearance on the stage of the Défense Arena during the Music Bank (Saturday April 8, editor's note).

This comeback is particularly awaited since IVE's latest single, "After Like", exceeded one million sales in South Korea shortly after its release, thus concretizing its dazzling success.

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