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A first full album has just been announced for the group EPEX!

While the group's sixth EP was released in February, EPEX now announces the release of its first full album.

Groupe sud coréen EPEX

It was at the end of 2023 that EPEX announced the end of the "Prelude of" series and thus the release of its sixth EP, last February, starting 2024 with a bang. When a chapter is finished, subsequent pages are blank. This allows EPEX to begin writing it with a new announcement!

To begin this new part of its history, EPEX is hitting hard by unveiling the upcoming release of its first full album! With a release scheduled for April 9, this next opus is titled “Youth Chapter 1: YOUTH DAYS”. EPEX therefore continues on its editorial line with an operation by chapters to tell a complete story.

As the concept photos begin to be revealed, on the group's official X account, the promotional schedule gives you several appointments! First of all, next March 30 with the release of the tracklist, but also April 1 and 5 for the MV teasers, and finally April 8 for a Dance Challenge.


This new opus is available for pre-order from Asian Sound Concept:

Jaquette comeback EPEX

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