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A first world tour for OnlyOneOf!

OnlyOneOf announces its first world tour with a date in Paris!

Groupe sud coréen OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf is a group of six boys consisting of KB, Rie, YooJung, Junji, Mill and Nine. Making their debut on May 28, 2019, it was on this same day that the group released their first mini-album. The six boys then continued their path in the world of music by releasing other opuses and performing in the United States and Japan. Leaving the rest of the world waiting for a concert for several months, it was on March 30 that OnlyOneOf finally offered its fans a world tour!

Indeed, international fans were shaken by the good news of a tour all over the world. Passing through Asia, Latin America, the United States and even Europe, the group is making up for lost time. Europe is particularly lucky with several stops planned. Although OnlyOneOf has announced the concert in Paris for June 4, information regarding ticket prices and categories has not yet been communicated.

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