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OnlyOneOf is coming back at the start of the year!

After nine months since its last release, OnlyOneOf, the group formed under the auspices of 8D Entertainment, reveals its highly anticipated comeback for this month.

groupe sud coréen OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf, the group that has captured hearts since its debut in 2019, is making waves with the announcement of their comeback. After their last release in March 2023 with the mini-album "seOul cOllectiOn", fans have eagerly awaited this comeback!

The official comeback date is set for January 10, marking the release of "Things I Can't Say LOve", OnlyOneOf's highly anticipated new album. Pre-orders have been open since December 18, allowing fans to prepare to dive into this new opus.

Promotion has been in full swing since December, offering fans an exclusive glimpse of the comeback. Individual concept photos of the members have been unveiled, adding a visual dimension to the anticipation. Additionally, a video trailer has been shared, giving a preview of the concept of this return.

According to the promotional schedule shared by the group, there are still surprises to come. However, the tracklist has already been revealed: this opus will be composed of five tracks, including the title track entitled "dOpamine". Finally, January 10 will mark D-Day, where "Things I Can't Say LOve" will be officially revealed to the public, marking the start of the new year for OnlyOneOf.

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