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A tenth full album for May J!

Two years before celebrating her twentieth career anniversary, Japanese singer May J announces the release of her tenth studio album!

chanteuse japonaise May J

Since July 2006, May J has occupied the Japanese entertainment landscape! When it's not on stage as a singer, it's as a TV presenter for the J-Melo show broadcast on NHK. Building on this popularity, May J announces the upcoming release of a tenth full album!

Two years and four months after the release of “Silver Lining”, it is the turn of “AURORA” to see the light of day. This album will be officially distributed from April 17. Containing no less than ten tracks, it will express May J's desire to open a new chapter in her career. The title of the album, "AURORA", refers to the Roman goddess of the same name, Goddess of Dawn and therefore of (re)beginning. Furthermore, the main song, “Burn” will be officially released as an MV on March 13. Enough to keep the fans waiting!

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