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An eighth mini album announced for ONF!

Just six months after the release of its seventh mini album, “LOVE EFFECT”, ONF returns with a new opus!

Groupe sud coréen ONF

It was in 2017 that ONF was created with the agency WM Entertainment and began with seven members. In 2019, for personal reasons, singer Laun will leave the group. In 2020, the group will participate in the show "Road To Kingdom" alongside ONEUS, THE BOYZ, PENTAGON and many others. Note that ONF will finish second in this TVShow!

Approaching its seven-year career, the group has a great discography! Its latest opus to date is its seventh mini-album, entitled “LOVE EFFECT”, released in October 2023. Six months later, ONF is already back with a new comeback.

On April 8, "BEAUTIFUL SHADOW", ONF's eighth mini-album, will be released. A teaser is already available which you can find below as well as the cover of this new opus and the tracklist. This new opus will contain no less than five new songs, including the title song "BYE MY MONSTER", the first teasers of which should be published from April 4.

This opus is already available on preorder from our partner AsianSoundConcept:

Jaquette comeback groupe sud coréen ONF

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