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Beyond the years, MUCC achieves a new album, 'TIMELESS'!

MUCC concludes the year of its twenty-fifth anniversary with the release of 'TIMELESS', its new album!

Groupe japonais MUCC

2023 has been a productive year for MUCC, featuring the release of a live DVD (February 2023), four singles, with the latest, 'Sora no Katachi', unveiled on December 6th, and an album, 'TIMELESS'!

This new opus is out today, Wednesday, December 28th, and comprises no less than twelve tracks, including the songs from the singles released earlier this year. They are accompanied by a special 'Timeless Version' in reference to the album's name. Since the beginning of December, MUCC has been actively promoting this album, even donning a Santa Claus costume for various events!

'TIMELESS' marks the end of the festivities surrounding MUCC's 25th anniversary. These celebrations have defined 2023 and culminate in a final concert today in Tokyo. Moreover, a live DVD featuring six concerts will be released on February 14th. The performances included in this set are from May 4, 2022, to February 14, 2023. This suggests a second part for the concerts held in 2023!

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