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Tatsuro (MUCC) kicks off 2023 with a new single!

Tatsuro, vocalist of the Japanese group MUCC, returns at the start with the release of a new single.

On March 15, Tatsuro's second solo single will be released! Entitled "Zangoku", it will contain two new tracks including the eponymous one. This single will be released physically in two versions. Note that the limited version will be accompanied by a DVD including the concert given on January 8th to celebrate his first solo anniversary.

Indeed, although still a singer in the group MUCC, Tatsuro launched his solo career at the beginning of the previous year with the production of two simultaneous albums, "=(equal)" and "Hikagaku Hoteishiki" in February 2022. A first single, "End Roll", then followed in September of the same year.

For the lucky ones in Japan in March, know that two promotional evenings will be organized on March 14 and 15. The location is still kept secret.

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