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BURNOUT SYNDROMES unveils its first best-of album!

Two years before its twentieth career anniversary, the band BURNOUT SYNDROMES released its first best-of album!

Although having started their career in 2005, it was in 2016 that the group BURNOUT SYNDROMES revealed itself to the international scene! The origin of this highlight? The single "FLY HIGH!!" opening of the anime Haikyu!!. Since then, the trio has made a name for itself with anime fans, stringing together hit songs and even performing in France in 2017 during the Rennes festival, "Sugoi! Festival".

A few days ago, on March 29, the band released its first best-of album, "The WORLD is Mine"! Composed of fourteen tracks, the opus is a perfect resume for the group, highlighting credits of anime hits while remixing older tracks for a total discovery of its discography.

Anime fans are therefore served: the three credits of Haikyu!! are here. Namely: "FLY HIGH!!", "Hikariare" and "PHOENIX". For the youngest fans of DR. STONE, the songs "Good Morning World" and "Good Morning [New] World" are also included. All completed by "Hana Ichi Monme", credits from Gintama, or "BLIZZARD" and "Ginsekai" from the anime Mashiro no Oto. In addition, fans of the first hour of BURNOUT SYNDROMES will discover updated versions of "Mt. Wakakusa Starmine", "The WORLD is Mine", and the youngest in collaboration with the group FLOW, "I Don't Wanna Die in the Paradise". Finally, the English version of "FLY HIGH!!" complete this work.

The album was released this Wednesday, March 29 in physical version and on streaming platforms. The limited version is also accompanied by a BluRay Live of the concert given last December in Shibuya.

In short, "The WORLD is Mine" is an opus to have if you are already a fan of BURNOUT SYNDROMES. On the contrary, it will be a perfect presentation of the trio if you have just discovered it!

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