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D&E (SUPER JUNIOR) announces a mini album for this end of the month!

While the duo went to Costa Rica as well as Santiago to participate in the D&Elight Party, D&E returns with the release of a new opus.

D&E membre du groupe Super Junior

It was in 2015 that the group SUPER JUNIOR, with no less than fifteen members, was born under the label SM Entertainment. Now at eleven, the group continues to evolve, as do its members. And in particular the duo, D&E, who released their first EP, "The Beat Goes On", March 6, 2015.

A few months later, Enhyuk and Donghae began their military service and both returned in July 2017, after a little more than two years of absence. Since then, the duo has continued to release a series of releases and even performed in Costa Rica and Santiago during the D&Elight Party at the end of last year.

A few days before spring, the D&E duo announces their comeback. On March 26, his fifth mini-album entitled, “606” will be released. This opus will contain six new songs including the title track, “GGB”. You can already find the photo concepts on the group's official account. Also a first teaser will be available on March 18.


This opus is available for pre-order from our partner AsianSoundConcept :

Jaquette 606 D&E SUPER JUNIOR

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