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Dir En Grey celebrates its 25 years of major career with a new single!

January 20 will mark the twenty-fiveth anniversary of Dir En Grey's major breakthrough, an anniversary that the group will celebrate with a new single!

Groupe japonais Dir En Grey

Less than three months before its return to European lands for its new tour, Dir En Grey announces the upcoming release of its 33rd single!

Soberly titled "19990120", this opus will celebrate the date on which the group became "major", that is to say signed by a label. Dir En Grey therefore spent less than two years independent, between 1997 and 1999, before attracting the attention of Japanese labels. On this occasion, this new single will contain the three songs produced on January 20, 1999. Namely: "アクロの丘 (Akuro No Oka)", "残-ZAN-" and "ゆらめき (YURAMEKI)", in remastered versions. The meeting between the melodies and lyrics of the young Dir En Grey with the maturity of the group today is a beautiful promise made to fans of several generations: the first and the youngest!

Note that the group could therefore perform these new versions during its upcoming European visit. So don't forget to take your seats, if you haven't already. Dir En Grey will take the stage at the Bataclan on March 22 and 23. The “2-day” passes are already sold out.

Ticketing : HERE.

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