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EVERGLOW casts a spell on Paris with their performance at the Bataclan

The Bataclan, now a familiar venue for Korean artists, added a new name to its roster on January 25th - EVERGLOW!

Groupe sud coréen EVERGLOW à Paris

After hosting groups like The Rose, Xdinary Heroes, and VAV in 2023, and eagerly anticipating the upcoming Eric Nam concert, the iconic Bataclan vibrated to the mesmerizing sounds of EVERGLOW during their first European tour, "ALL MY GIRLS". Even though the venue wasn't at full capacity, with a maximum capacity of 1500 people, the atmosphere was electric from the start! Is the group less known in Europe? Is it due to a lack of publicity? Or perhaps it's the accumulation of concerts since late 2023 that has made fans a bit more cautious financially? Whatever the reason, those present were able to enjoy being up close with the six artists!

Groupe sud coréen EVERGLOW à Paris

The concert kicked off promptly at 7:30 PM, to the delight of fans who had been waiting for hours to secure the best possible view. The opening track, "FIRST," set the stage with thrilling energy! The members showcased their exceptional dancing talent, moving with perfect synchronization. Though the audience was somewhat static, they shared their enthusiasm loudly. This was followed quickly by "SLAY," the standout track from EVERGLOW's latest single album, which, with its impressive choreography and captivating composition, confirmed the group's true talent for dance and performance. Then "PLAYER" ignited the atmosphere with its girl power vibe, exuding a sense of badassery on stage.

After a brief first break, the group, with the help of a translator, introduced themselves and interacted with fans. Although the exchanges seemed somewhat controlled and planned, the six singers still managed to express their gratitude in French. The performance resumed with "NO LIE" and "Pirate," adding a touch of cheerfulness and femininity to the mix. Then, after a second break, EVERGLOW returned with "DON'T ASK DON'T TELL," followed by an impressive cover of "Unholy," once again demonstrating their mastery of dance. Another vocal and dance performance on "Shout Out to My Ex" followed.

One undeniable highlight of EVERGLOW is their stage presence and performance.

Their stage mastery is impressive, with perfectly executed choreography and flawless synchronization among the six members. The charisma of each member on stage is also remarkable, captivating the audience from start to finish. Attending such a performance is truly a memorable and rewarding experience, confirming that the show is well worth it.

However, it's worth noting that there were several breaks with the audience. Although these moments were intended to create intimacy, the multiple interruptions somewhat disrupted the flow of the concert. Nevertheless, the members' charisma and the overflowing energy of their songs manage to revive the atmosphere each time, allowing the audience to catch their breath and then give it their all.

In conclusion, despite a few minor interruptions, EVERGLOW's concert was a refreshing and energetic spectacle. The members' exceptional dancing talent and perfect synchronization impressed the audience, leaving an indelible mark on their performance at the Bataclan. EVERGLOW's future will certainly pass through our stages in the coming years, especially as a new comeback seems to be on the horizon, as announced during their first French interview, published on KARAOME in few days!

Groupe sud coréen EVERGLOW à Paris

The entire KARAOME team would like to thank EVERGLOW, its management as well as MyMusicTaste for making this live report possible.

©Photo credits: Louise Audry for KARAOME

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