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EVERGLOW is revealed exclusively during its first concert in France!

EVERGLOW's visit to France was the moment of "first times": first concert, first meeting with FOR•EVER, and first exclusive interview!

Groupe sud coréen EVERGLOW

KRM - Today marks your first concert in France! Congratulations! How do you feel? Are you stressed, excited or impatient to meet your French fans?

E:U - France had always been one of the countries I deeply desired to visit, and above all, meeting our FOR•EVER in France was a dream come true. The anticipation and happiness of the prospect of meeting FOR•EVER in such a splendid city filled me with immense excitement.

KRM - EVERGLOW debuted in March 2019 with “Arrival of Everglow”. This year marks your fifth career anniversary. How do you view these first five years? What is your most memorable memory?

Sihyeon – Time really flew by for the past five years. I remember so many things that I've experienced so far. Among them, the most recent memory that I remember is that I made many memories with the members in a foreign country.

Mia – Visiting Saudi Arabia left a profound impression on me. Initially, we pondered whether we would ever have the chance to revisit the country in our lifetime. Fortunately, we were granted the opportunity to return. Now, wherever our travels take us, the hope lingers: will we be able to revisit this country once more? We hold onto the possibility of returning, reminiscent of our experience in Saudi Arabia.

KRM - On November 22, you finished your second American tour after ten concerts. The last time you toured America was in 2020. What experiences did you take away from these performances and meeting your American fans?

Onda - We encountered many FOR•EVER fans through numerous performances! The tremendous energy and warm welcome from everyone fueled us even more, enhancing our enjoyment of the performances. This collective energy played a pivotal role in our growth and contributed to our increasing strength during each show!

KRM - Now you meet your European fans on your first European tour. How did you prepare for it? Did the fact that you produced in the US before help you prepare?

Aisha - I eagerly anticipated the experience. I diligently prepared a range of performances, eager to showcase different facets of myself. With a heart filled with nervous excitement, I awaited the moment to share these performances with you.

Yiren - We've prepared a new unit performance for our Europe tour. We've also prepared a K-pop dance challenge for fans who like K-pop.

KRM - Even if this is your first Europe tour, you have already performed in London two years ago during HallyuPopFest 2022. What memory(s) have you kept of it?

E:U - The concert in London two years ago left a lasting impression on me. The cheers from FOR•EVER in London and the vibrant atmosphere within the concert hall are memories that I cannot forget.

KRM - This world tour highlights your latest release, “ALL MY GIRLS”. Carried by the title “SLAY”, it is an opus with a strong message and which shows your evolution into strong and determined women. What is the message behind this opus? What is the flagship song of this opus for each and why?

Sihyeon - The title track for "ALL MY GIRLS” album is titled “SLAY”, and it's dedicated to girls who are lost and looking for a way outside of their box of emotions. We sincerely hope that our message resonates effectively with all the fans watching the performance.

KRM - “ALL MY GIRLS” was released after a year and eight months without any comebacks. Will your fans have to wait just as long for your next release or will we have a surprise sometime in 2024?

Mia - We may return in 2024 with an even better version of ourselves, so please anticipate and await our comeback! We assure you it won't be a long wait!

We wanted your French fans to have the chance to see you answer certain questions they have for you in order to get to know you better! We have carefully selected five:

Q.1 - If you had to choose one song to listen to until the end of time, which one would it be and why?

Onda – “If I Can't Have You” by Shawn Mendes!! I chose this song because it makes me feel light and refreshed every time I listen to it!

Aisha - If I were to choose EVERGLOW’s song, I would listen to "Back Together". I will never forget the expression in FOR•EVER’s eyes and the feelings of all the fans I met during the concert. I want to remember and cherish them anytime.

Q.2 - For you, what song would you recommend for taking a walk in the moonlight?

Yiren - I would like to recommend Leellamarz’s "Number"!

E:U - I want to recommend "Moon" by EVERGLOW. The lyrics go well with the situation and you can also listen to EVERGLOW’s dreamy tone.

Q.3 - Which artist or group would you like to collaborate with?

Mia - I want to collaborate with AJR! I feel like they are creating music that only geniuses can produce, and I yearn to witness the creative process firsthand alongside them. I admire them a lot.

Q.4 - You have just arrived in France, what was the first thing you did when you arrived in Paris?

Onda - It's a little funny, but I went to the bakery to buy bread! I bought a bunch of croissants, shared them with the members, and tried galette for the first time!!

Q.5 - And conversely, what do you think is the first thing to do when you arrive in South Korea for the first time?

Aisha - I'm definitely going to rest!! I think it's going to take a long time to adjust to the time difference, so I think the most important thing is to rest well.


To conclude this interview, do you have a final message to send to your fans and to the people who will discover you with this article?

Yiren - I'm so happy to meet a lot of FOR•EVER during this Europe tour! Since you've been liking and supporting EVERGLOW for a long time, I want to show you better performances. Please look forward to it! I love you, FOR•EVER!

Groupe sud  coréen EVERGLOW

The entire KARAOME team wanted to thank the members of EVERGLOW, YUEHUA Entertainment as well as MyMusicTaste for organizing this interview!


The single album "ALL MY GIRLS" is still available for sale at Asian Sound Concept :


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